CNN’s Acosta: I Took More Questions From Hecklers Than Trump Has Taken from the Press Recently


CNN’s Jim Acosta spoke with Anderson Cooper tonight after President Donald Trump‘s Tampa rally, chants of “CNN sucks” echoing in the background once again.

Cooper first called out the White House for having very few briefings in the entire month of July, particularly given comments Sarah Sanders made earlier this year about the administration’s openness with the press.

Trump took some questions at a press conference yesterday, but Cooper noted there’s a number of issues reporters have wanted to ask the President about but haven’t been able to yet.

Cooper then brought on Acosta to ask about this press access issue. Acosta briefly referenced the hecklers behind him before saying, “This White House is obviously hiding from the press. They’re hiding the President from the press. They are hiding the press secretary from the press.”

And he ended the segment by saying this:

“I think, Anderson, the only conclusion you can draw at this point is they just don’t like the questions right now. And it’s amazing, Anderson. You’re hearing some of the insults being hurled at us right now. I’ve been talking to some of these folks this evening, even though they’re being pretty negative towards us right now. I answered a bunch of questions from some of these Trump supporters here about all sorts of things, a lot more questions than the President has taken from us in recent days, Anderson.”

You can watch the video above, via CNN.

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