CNN’s Ana Cabrera Fact Checks Trump’s Border Policy Tweet: ‘Simply Not True’


On Sunday, CNN’s Ana Cabrera took President Donald Trump to task for his alternative-fact ridden tweet on border policy.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted out this: “The Democrats policy of Child Seperation on the Border during the Obama Administration was far worse than the way we handle it now. Remember the 2014 picture of children in cages – the Obama years. However, if you don’t separate, FAR more people will come. Smugglers use the kids!”

Yet, as Cabrera noted, Trump’s tweet does not exactly stand up to the facts.

“First of all president’s claims that the current separation policy is better than that of the Bush and Obama administrations are simply not true,” she began.

She then continued on:

“The Department of Homeland Security has never provided any proof when asked about smugglers using children to cross the border despite the president repeatedly making this claim. What we do have is about 2,000 children who have been separated from the parents under Trump’s controversial border policy between April and May, after then-acting Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the time ordered prosecutors to pursue criminal charges against all migrants who crossed the border illegally. In many cases, those parents have now been deported back to their countries while the children were left in legal limbo here in the U.S. In June, the Trump Administration said it would end that policy but according to the Department of Homeland Security, 81 children were still separated from family members after being apprehended at the border between that time and the end of November.”

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