CNN’s Dana Bash: Manafort Sharing Campaign Data With Russians is a ‘5-Alarm Fire’ for National Security


In the latest news from the case of Paul Manafort, series of poorly-executed redactions by his lawyers are raising new questions about the connection between Russia and the Donald Trump 2016 campaign.

Yesterday, Manafort’s legal team submitted a document to a federal judge in order to refute allegations that he breached his plea deal with Robert Mueller. Several passages of the document were blacked out, but the thing is, a simple copy-paste command allows anyone who drops the hidden lines into a new computer document to see the parts that were supposed to be hidden.

Law&Crime, Mediaite‘s sister website, extracted every portion of the “redacted” lines, and one of the most interesting revelations is that Manafort shared 2016 polling information Konstantin Kilimnik. Manafort did business with Kilimnik over the course of his pro-Russia work in Ukraine, but him sharing 2016 data with Kilimnik is of note because of the latter’s connections with Russian intelligence.

This invites new concern about whether Manafort colluded with Russian officials in the midst of their election-meddling campaign to the benefit of Trump.

When CNN reviewed all of this on Wednesday morning, Dana Bash started things off by calling it a “five-alarm fire when it comes to national security.” She also said it raises lots of new questions that don’t rally come with any good answers.

Josh Campbell pointed to the significance of Trump’s former campaign chairman “colluding” with Russia here, and said that has implications for Trump as well.

Watch above, via CNN.

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