CNN’s Dana Bash Spells Out Consequences of Trump Flushing Docs: ‘It’s Just Not Legal, Full Stop’


CNN’s Dana Bash warned that former President Donald Trump could be in legal jeopardy over the newly-revealed photos of White House documents being flushed down the toilet.

Bash joined John Berman and Brianna Keilar on Monday’s New Day, where they brought up Axios’ publication of photos that seem to show Trump’s handwriting on torn documents in the White House toilets. While the story is fodder for laughter, Bash focused on the serious side — considering that the flushing raises questions about whether Trump attempted to destroy documents he was legally obligated to preserve for the National Archives and Records Administration.

“It’s not legal,” Bash said:

There is a law that is in place since the era post-Nixon that you have to preserve presidential records. That is the people who work in the White House, and the man who was elected to the White House. And that is the rule. Which is why you have seen reporting from Maggie [Haberman] and others, the then president had a habit of ripping things up and throwing them in the trash. His aides would come quickly along and take them out of the trash and tape them back together, because that is the law of the land. This looks nefarious.

Bash went on to note that a zoom-in on the photos show that the flushed documents were written on by a sharpie with what looks like Trump’s handwriting.

“It looks like it,” Bash said. “Can we prove it? Are we handwriting experts? No. But it’s just not legal, full stop.”

The segment concluded with Keilar looking on the bright side of the story and remarking on the “sparkling clean toilets. Thank God. I have to say, this could be much worse.” That got a laugh from Bash while Berman shook his head in amusement and said “it’s the little things.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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