CNN’s Erin Burnett Goes Off on Lindsey Graham: He Should ‘Look in the Mirror’ If He Wants to See a ‘Weak Figure in American History’


CNN’s Erin Burnett went on a tear Monday night against Senator Lindsey Graham for his continued defenses of President Donald Trump.

Graham warned on Fox News this past weekend that the president shouldn’t pardon any of the Capitol rioters, but he went on to say impeachment would be divisive and that Joe Biden would be “weak” if he didn’t stop it and that Trump is “trying to heal the nation.”

“He hasn’t even spoken live once,” Burnett said with some disbelief. “Have you looked at our nation’s capitol, senator? It looks like a war zone ahead of the inauguration because President Trump and his allies pushed baseless lies saying that the election was a fraud.”

“And if you want to talk about weak, Senator Graham might want to look in the mirror, because definition of a weak figure in American history is this,” she continued, before showing a montage contrasting Graham’s past attacks on Trump with his more recent praise.

Graham famously said during the campaign four years ago. Trump would be a “disaster” for the GOP and that he’s a race-baiting xenophobe.

Burnett even called the South Carolina senator “the sycophant-in-chief under President Trump’ and called him out for “pretending to take a stand” on occasion before going back to defending the president.

In speaking with John Avlon, Burnett just straight-up asked, “What in the world happened to senator Lindsey Graham?”

Avlon said Graham used to tell the truth about Trump until he “started realizing he enjoyed sort of sniffing the throne and getting whatever power he could out of that.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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