CNN’s Gergen: Trump ‘Needs to Deal With the Hatred in His Own Heart’


CNN political analyst David Gergen says President Trump “needs to deal with the hatred in his own heart.”

Gergen spoke with Erin Burnett on Monday night, who asked for his reaction to the speech today where Trump condemned the “evil” of white supremacists involved in the chaos this past weekend. Gergen said Trump deserves credit for calling out racist groups by names, but he continued to hammer Trump for waiting two days before giving this latest statement, which Gergen found disingenuous.

“One has to sense that his statement today about Charlottesville was grudging and not very authentic and that the real Donald Trump, the authentic Donald Trump, is the one we saw in the tweets at the beginning of the day and end of the day.” Gergen said. “I can just tell you this, Erin. he said he wants to bring love, not hatred to the country.”

Gergen was referring to Trump’s tweets where he slammed Ken Frazier along with the media for their critical views about his initial statements on Charlottesville. As he continued, Gergen suggested that Trump has to address the “hatred” inside himself if he actually intends to heal the country’s racial divide.

“He said he wants to bring love, not hatred to the country,” Gergen said. “Good. We need to deal with hatred, but he needs to deal with the hatred in his own heart if he wants to bring more love to the country.”

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