CNN’s New Day Mocks Brit Hume for Politicizing Joe Biden’s Mask: ‘Who’s Owning Whom Here?’


CNN’s New Day expressed what can fairly be described as respectful ridicule directed at Fox News personality Brit Hume for a Monday evening tweet that appeared to mock a masked Joe Biden. The former vice president emerged from his Delaware home on Monday to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, donning a mask in public, as is recommended by CDC guidelines.

The Fox News elder statesmen and opinion host directed his Twitter followers to a photo of the former vice president to score cheap political points saying “this might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public,” which was retweeted by President Donald Trump. Hume’s tweet:

Opening the segment, co-anchor John Berman set the story up, but quickly noted how “The medicine of this is clear: The CDC recommends that everyone wear masks.” He then admitted some confusion about the politics of mask-wearing and why “Brit Hume thinks this is smart politics,” before noting that the vast majority of Americans favor requirements that everyone wears a mask in public. “So the president is retweeting a picture of something recommended by the CDC that a vast majority of people support. It’s wildly popular with voters. So who’s owning whom here?”

Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota added that, in her esteem, “What Brit Hume is doing, he’s trying to call back the memory of Mike Dukakis in the tank, and he’s trying to suggest that this is an iconic image, somehow, of Joe Biden, that this is what President Trump wants to avoid.”

“I think that there is no question — you are either in shut down mode or you’re ready to reopen the country. You are either weak or you’re strong. That is the absurd dichotomy that is presented about wearing the mask,” David Gregory said. “My big fear is that somehow this becomes a partisan divide. It makes no sense.”

“We have to recognize the prudence of good health and also recognize the fact that people have real needs to get out and reopen and to get back to work to provide for their family,” he added. “This cannot be such a stark divide.”

Watch above via CNN.

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