CNN’s Nina Turner: Trump Calling April Ryan a ‘Loser,’ Abby Phillip’s Question ‘Stupid’ is Racial Stereotyping


On Friday night, CNN commentator Nina Turner weighed in on President Donald Trump‘s recent attacks on reporters.

CNN anchor Don Lemon began the panel by playing various clips of Trump calling a question about self-declaring nationalism from PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor “racist” at Wednesday’s news conference, him calling White House reporter and CNN commentator April Ryan a “loser,” and slamming CNN’s Abby Phillip for asking a “stupid question” about whether he wanted acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to “rein in” Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Nina Turner told Lemon there was “a lot to unpack.”

“I mean, you know, ‘loser,’ ‘stupid,’ I mean, this president- he has disparaged African-Americans in particular in ways that are deep. And these stereotypes, these words that he uses towards African-Americans, they’re rooted in a type of stereotype in this country that has been hard for African-Americans to could from under because of the deep-seated racism in this country,” Turner said. “He understands exactly what he’s saying and what he’s doing when he uses those types of terms when referring to African-Americans in general and African-American women in particular.”

She added that his exchange with Abby Phillip made her “cringe” and that the president should be “ashamed of himself.”

GOP strategist Alice Stewart acknowledged that Trump has called plenty of white male reporters “stupid” or “losers,” but Turner pushed back.

“There’s historic significance to the stereotypes of calling African-Americans ‘dumb’ and ‘losers’ and ‘stupid.’ He even called Omarosa a ‘dog,'” Turner continued. “So even though he has said some disparaging thing to white reporters, there is a deep-seated essence historically in this country when it comes to the stereotyping of African-Americans.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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