CNN’s Oliver Darcy Shames Lachlan Murdoch For ‘Poison’ on Fox News: ‘How Does He Look at Himself in the Mirror?’


CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy took aim at Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch on Reliable Sources Sunday, shaming him for allowing conspiracy theories on Fox News.

“A lot of what we saw last week is a lot of these talking points really fall apart when they entered the real world,” Darcy said during a segment on the current Trump scandal. “Whereas they still are allowed to thrive on Fox.”

“You just played that clip where people were talking about coups, civil wars, it’s really disturbing stuff. I actually kind of wonder, Lachlan Murdoch the head of Fox, how does he look at himself in the mirror every morning knowing that poison is his contribution to society? I honestly can’t understand how he does it.”

Lachlan Murdoch is the current CEO of the Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News and the Fox Business Network.

“That’s pretty strong, Oliver,” host Brian Stelter replied.

Stelter also highlighted how no White House officials were on the Sunday media shows to defend President Donald Trump’s claims concerning the impeachment inquiry and his defense of his controversial call on Ukraine to investigate a political rival.

“No White House aides are out on television defending Trump,” Stelter said. “Unfortunately, in a good way, that means there’s less disinformation, less misinformation being spread to the public today because the White House declined to give interviews.

“What a sad state of affairs that the White House giving interviews means there’s going to be misinformation out in the world,” he commented.

Watch above, via CNN.

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