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CNN’s Smerconish: Mueller Deserves Our Gratitude for Investigation and What It Uncovered

CNN’s Michael Smerconish opened his show this morning saying that no matter what the Mueller report says, no matter what it reveals about President Donald Trump, Americans should be thanking Robert Mueller for his investigation and what it found.

Smerconish noted how Trump will soon be validated on “no collusion” and is celebrating, while Democrats are pushing for the full report.

“Here’s something about which we should all be in agreement,” he continued. “Robert Mueller is deserving of our gratitude. The former director of the FBI has dedicated most of his professional life to government service.”

Smerconish brought up the “never-ending fire” Mueller faced and how there’s no evidence his office ever leaked:

“That he presumably didn’t construct a case for conspiracy or collusion or obstruction doesn’t mean his efforts were if vain or that they weren’t fruitful. First, by investigating the president and reaching conclusions, he did us all a favor. He’s been the sunshine that will be a source of disinfectant for years to come. Of course, that Mueller recommends no indictments doesn’t mean that he didn’t find the president committed crimes. Remember, he’s operating on the disputed premise the president can’t be indicted. But more importantly, we would have no ideas as to mechanics and depth of the Russian hacking and meddling in our election without his investigation. 37 people and entities were charged as a result of the Mueller probe. Seven guilty pleas, one conviction at trial. About two-thirds of them are Russians charged with hacking and meddling in the 2016 election. Some of those entangled in the investigation are individuals from the Trump orbit, largely charged with lying and other non-conspiracy offenses, but that’s all stunning. It would have been earth-shattering if announced all at once.”

Smerconish brought up analysis from Washington Post correspondent Philip Bump saying that Trump has “benefited enormously from the frog-in-hot-water nature” of Mueller’s investigation, inviting people to imagine what the public reaction would have been if everything they found dropped at once.

“Our nation was the victim of a hostile effort by a world power to disrupt that which we hold most sacred, free and fair elections,” Smerconish concluded. “That happened, regardless of whether the Russians were aided and abetted by members of the Trump campaign or the president himself. And that is something about which we should all be mindful. So thank you, Robert Mueller.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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