CNN’s Stelter Addresses ‘Embarrassing Week for CNN’ After Retraction, Resignations

While Anthony Scaramucci was on Fox News this morning talking about CNN’s retracted story about him, CNN’s Brian Stelter was addressing the “difficult and embarrassing week” the network has had over that very report.

Three employees resigned last week, and as Stelter said, “They were a shock and they saddened many journalists inside CNN.”

“The bottom line,” he added, “is that news outlets like CNN have very high standards for journalism.”

President Trump has been criticizing CNN in particular on Twitter ever since those employees resigned:

Carl Bernstein used the opportunity to argue that “institutions that are enemies of the people do not make a priority of correcting their mistakes.”

Stelter brought it back to CNN and said the reporters “made a big mistake.” However, he did wonder if the Trump White House was “trying to use this honest mistake to try to smear all real Russia reporting.”

New York Magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi said this is “very obviously not about being truthful” when Trump continues to tweet out Fox News segments after their Seth Rich retraction.

Kelly McBride, media ethicist and Vice President of The Poynter Institute, did note that CNN “didn’t say exactly what was wrong with the story,” but simply took it down and said it did not meet their standards.

Stelter also addressed James O’Keefe‘s videos of CNN staffers like Van Jones opining on Russia. He asked Ben Ferguson, “Do you think it’s appropriate for a guy… with an undercover camera walking up to staffers, trying to take advantage of them and get them to embarrass a network that you work for?”

Ferguson argued that there’s a question of honesty here, but did go on to say he doesn’t think “that should indict every single person in the newsroom.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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