CNN’s Toobin Slams Rep. Conyers for Being Old: ‘Walking Advertisement For Term Limits’


Congressman John Conyers of Michigan — the 88-year-old Democrat accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment — is the “walking advertisement for term limits,” according to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin at least.

Aside from being accused of constant sexual harassment by multiple women who worked in his congressional office, Toobin noted that he is also really, really old — possibly too old for his position of power.

“Can I just raise another point about John Conyers?” Said Toobin while appearing on a Situation Room panel. “He’s 88 years old and anybody who has spent five minutes in Congress watching him in action knows he’s out of it. He is too old to be in Congress.”

Toobin continued, saying, “He is not up to the job and he is a walking advertisement for term limits. I know the Supreme Court has said they’re unconstitutional — but it is absolutely outrageous that that man in that condition is getting a salary from the taxpayers to do this job. I mean, he is just not capable of being [a lawmaker].”

Senior CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta — who was filling in for Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer — pushed back against Toobin’s slam on Conyers’ age. “He was elected — people of that age in life can serve effectively in congress,” said Acosta.

“In the case of John Conyers, it’s not so effectively and it seems that these accusations are so serious that he had to use some of his own funds to settle a case that was brought to the attention of congressional investigators,” he added.

After a bombshell BuzzFeed News report dropped yesterday — exposing multiple cases of Conyers’ alleged sexual harassment — a follow-up piece was released today detailing yet another accusation. The Democratic congressman has denied these claims, saying that the accusations of inappropriate comments, propositions, and touching are not true.

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