Cruz Responds to O’Reilly Asking About Using Force to Deport Immigrants: ‘You Better Believe It’


Ted Cruz has always done a little bit of a dance around the subject of illegal immigration. He never went all the way in discussing deportation by force, simply choosing to talk about “consequences” of breaking the law. He thought he’d get away with that last night during an appearance on Fox News, too, but Bill O’Reilly came to play ball.

Choosing — perhaps wisely — not to even go there with the topic of Mexicans, he used “Tommy O’Malley from County Cork” as an example when asking if, as President, Cruz would authorize “the feds” to go to his house, “take him out, and put him on a plane back to Ireland.”

Cruz went for it. “You better believe that,” he said.

That’s not what he said last month, though. He told Jake Tapper in January that because the law doesn’t currently “send jackboots” to get undocumented immigrants from their homes, he wouldn’t either. At the time, he said, “That’s now how we enforce the law for any crime.”

In spite of the clear contradiction, he posted the interview to his official YouTube account and then retweeted a Fox host who found a way to spin his flip-flop in a positive way:

That’s one way to look at it for sure.

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