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Dan Abrams on Parkland Students Becoming ‘Advocates’: ‘These Kids Better Saddle Up’

Mediaite founder Dan Abrams appeared on CNN Friday, and provided reaction to the ongoing advertiser boycott being waged against Fox News host Laura Ingraham by Parkland student David Hogg.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asked Abrams if he was surprised that advertisers were pulling out of Ingraham’s primetime show in response to her tweet mocking Hogg for his college application rejections.

“I am surprised, because I think that people who advertise with Laura Ingraham’s show know what Laura Ingraham’s show is,” he said.

“I also think we should be careful,” Abrams continued. “I think it’s a little dangerous for anyone of either side to start celebrating advertisers pulling out.”

Abrams went on to propose that the reason for Ingraham’s apology was likely a “combination of her realizing that she went too far, and the advertisers.”

“I just think it’s a dangerous business on the whole when we start celebrating ‘the advertisers are pulling out!’ Because you know what? That can happen to either side. And you would hope that it would be the public, the viewers who would demand change, and that would lead to it.”

Baldwin asked that if the Parkland, Florida students are using words like “murderers” to refer to the NRA, “is it fair to throw it back?”

“They’re advocates now,” Abrams replied. “They’re young victim advocates. But they have to be treated as advocates.”

“The problem here was, Laura ended up being petty about it, and that’s the reason. It wasn’t that she criticized him that was the problem. The problem was it just felt small and petty to do to a high school student.”

“But there’s no question — these kids better saddle up,” Abrams concluded. “If they’re going to get into this debate, and they’re going to be out there advocating, they better be ready to take it.”

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