Dan Crenshaw: I Know Walls Work Because Even Navy SEALs Have to Work Around Them


Explaining how a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border can be helpful in deterring illegal immigration, incoming Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said Navy SEALs have to take walls into account and work around them when planning to infiltrate a structure.

“A wall is effective. It is a crucial part of any kind of border security,” Crenshaw told Fox & Friends Wednesday. “I’ve spent a whole career infiltrating places and, you know, when we come upon a wall, it matters. We have to plan around it, it’s a mitigating factor if you’re trying to enter or across from point A to point B.”

The former Navy SEAL said because of his experience, he doesn’t understand why Democrats say a wall doesn’t work or it’s medieval thinking.

“I would like to hear some reasoning behind that,” he continued. “It’s not too expensive, it’s .1 percent of our entire federal budget. .1 percent is what we’re talking about, that’s what five billion dollars ends up being. So it’s really not about the money.”

According to Crenshaw, Democrats don’t want the wall because it comes down to semantics.

“They hate the word ‘wall’, they just hate it, right? And for some reason they don’t value this idea of border security, they don’t value the sanctity of  our borders and that’s really problematic, especially for a border state like Texas. We’re on the frontlines down there,” he added.

The partial government shutdown, which started over the debate on whether to include funding for a border wall, has now entered its 12th day.

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