Dan Crenshaw Talks with Jake Tapper About Civility: Attack Each Other’s Ideas, Not Each Other as People


Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, a week after his appearance on Saturday Night Live, during which he and Pete Davidson made amends.

Host Jake Tapper introduced the question. “A lot of people talking about civility,” he said, citing attacks including Davidson’s comments about Crenshaw. “But things here in Washington and in the nation, really, seem nastier than ever, and I’m wondering if you think your class will try to usher in an era of cooperation, bipartisanship, and civility.”

The question was posed to the three guests, and Congresswoman-elect Deb Haaland answered first, and said that everyone coming in has been cooperative so far in all of the events where the new members of congress are being introduced.

Tapper turned to Crenshaw to say “you’ve been in the barrel, as it were” and asked him what he thought.

“I echo that sentiment of, what’s it really mean to be attacked? You know, my whole message last week was ‘was I really attacked? Was I really offended?” said Crenshaw. You know, that doesn’t mean that what was said wasn’t highly insulting and needs to be addressed, but I need to feel attacked.”

“The other message we’re trying to send also is, don’t insult people,” he continued. “You know, we can attack each other’s ideas but not each other as people. That should be the goal moving forward.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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