Dana Bash Reports Even Huckabee’s Friend Cringed When He Said ‘Libido’

CNN reporter Dana Bash was among those journalists who quickly tweeted remarks by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee who told a Republican National Committee meeting on Thursday that women “can’t control their libido” without birth control. She later corrected her tweet, saying that Huckabee said this in an effort to frame the issue of taxpayer funded contraception as a Democratic insult toward women.

Appearing on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on Thursday, Bash explained that she was not alone when she heard the word “libido” from Huckabee and instantly reacted. She said that even a “friend” and “supporter” of Huckabee’s said that he knew the Fox News personality should have used a different word to make that point.

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“I guess some women out there probably were wincing when they heard this,” Blitzer said of Huckabee’s comments.

CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger noted that the GOP has recommended its allies get “more aggressive” when combating attacks on them as waging a “war on women.” She added, however, that Huckabee’s remarks were probably “not what they had in mind.”

“It was really the word ‘libido,’” Bash said. “One of his friends actually told me afterword, somebody who’s a very big supporter, ‘Can you text him and say don’t use the word ‘libido’ anymore?’”

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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