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Dem Rep Opposed to Impeachment Alleges Other Democrats ‘Worn Out’ by Inquiry

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, one of the only Democrats who voted against the impeachment inquiry, told Fox News other Democrats are “worn out” and “bored” by the ongoing inquiry.

Van Drew appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s program Sunday Morning Futures, where he was asked about his colleagues thoughts on impeachment.

“There is some discussion among some of them quietly, privately of concern, certainly,” he said. “What I’m hearing out in the street is with most people, they are kind of tired, kind of worn out, bored and they really want to move on. Unless there’s something new and amazing, we know the end game.”

He ultimately said he didn’t know how other members of Congress would ultimately vote, and said he thought more would vote with him against advancing impeachment.

The New Jersey congressman and Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson were the only two House Democrats who voted against formalizing and advancing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s contacts with Ukraine.

Van Drew said he had not been moved by what was presented in the public hearings that took place last week.

“I would imagine I’ll be voting no,” he said. “If there’s something new or something we have not heard or something that really rises to the level of treason or high crime, that would be different. But we do not see that.”

“You don’t disenfranchise voters–millions upon millions of voters. Voters choose their leaders in America,” he said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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