Dem Senate Candidate Goes Awkwardly Silent During TV Interview

How many seconds does one have to remain silent in order for a pause to be awkward? Is that predicated by the quality of the sentence preceding the awkward silence? Is there a time limit separating “natural pause” from “awkward silence”? Is the awkwardness of a silence amplified by the fact that the speaker stops, mid-sentence, never to resume her train of thought?

These are, of course, simply questions, meant to stimulate the thought process. But with that in mind, let’s watch newly-minted Montana Democrat Senate candidate, Amanda Curtis, answer a question in an interview this morning with local news channel KBZK.

(Note: Curtis was a last-minute replacement for Sen. John Walsh (D), who withdrew from Montana’s contested Senate race when it was revealed that he’d plagiarized during graduate school. Grace under pressure.)

Watch below via KBZK:

[h/t The Free Beacon]
[Image via screenshot]

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