Dershowitz Defends Trump’s ‘Dangling Pardons’: No Different Than Prosecutors ‘Bribing Witnesses’ with Freedom

Alan Dershowitz doesn’t see anything wrong with how President Trump has signaled that he could free certain people from their legal problems if they don’t do anything to excessively displease him.

The retired Harvard Law professor spoke to Fox New’s Bill Hemmer on Friday about Robert Mueller‘s upcoming memos on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Dershowitz started things off by calling it “ironic” that Trump’s critics accuse him of witness tampering and obstruction of justice when he “dangles pardons” for people like Manafort.

“Think of what the government does every day, what prosecutors do every day,” Dershowitz said. “They literally bribe witnesses by their freedom, sometimes their life and their money.”

Dershowitz went on to bemoan the disproportionate power prosecutors have over defense attorneys by “offering them enormous amounts of valuable assets: life, liberty, money, whereas if the defense even suggests for a moment a benefit from testifying truthfully for them, that’s called tampering with a witness.”

In terms of how Cohen and Manafort’s testimony points to collusion, Dershowitz said the special counsel must “prove a lot more than economic deals or meetings in Trump Tower” to establish a criminal conspiracy the president might have been involved with.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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