DeSantis Awkwardly Dodges When Maria Bartiromo Asks If He Got a Booster Shot: ‘I’ve Done Whatever I Did, The Normal Shot’


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) awkwardly dodged the question when Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked him if he had received a Covid-19 booster shot, telling her, “I’ve done whatever I did, the normal shot.”

DeSantis received the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, his office confirmed in early April. In October, on the cusp of the FDA approval of booster shots for those who had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, DeSantis refused to say whether he would get a booster shot.

On Oct. 20, the FDA approved booster shots for all adults who had received the Johnson & Johnson shot at least two months ago, a category that would have included DeSantis since this summer.

“Governor, we’re not even sure what fully vaccinated means anymore,” said Bartiromo, mentioning recent comments by Dr. Anthony Fauci that “fully vaccinated” could mean “three shots, which is two shots for the vaccination and then one booster shot.”

Bartiromo then asked a very straightforward question of the Florida governor: “Have you gotten the booster?”

“So, uh, uh, I’ve done, whatever I did, the normal shot,” replied DeSantis.

He then launched into his usual commentary about vaccines, including boosters, being “people’s individual decisions about what they want to do,” bragging that Florida had banned “vaccine passports” and employment mandates.

“One of the reasons why we took those steps is because we knew the definition of vaccination would be a shifting target,” he told Bartiromo. “And I predicted this a month and a half ago, and people said that I was wrong. And now we’re starting to see it come to fruition. So there’s going to be people who have done, you know, maybe two Pfizer shots who are not doing the booster, and they could be considered in certain parts of the country to be unvaccinated and denied the ability to participate in society like everybody else.”

“It’s gone way, way too far, and that is a decision that people should make for themselves,” he continued. “But they should not have their rights, freedoms or liberties restricted based on these boosters.”

Mediaite reached out to DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw to ask for clarification of the governor’s comments, if he had or had not received a booster shot.

“I am not able to comment on the governor’s personal medical decisions,” she replied.

In an earlier section of the interview, DeSantis touted the state’s monoclonal antibody clinics, saying that Florida was “going to continue focusing on early treatment, and we’re going to continue protecting people’s individual choices and freedoms.”

Below is the full section of DeSantis’ interview with Bartiromo in which they discussed the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccines, and boosters (the final section covered Florida’s economy and budget and the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections).

Not once did the governor mention that the vaccines were safe and effective. Not once did he encourage viewers to get vaccinated.

Watch the video clips above, via Fox News.

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