‘Despicable’: Steve Schmidt Blasts ‘Racist’ Trump for Stoking Division With NFL Feud

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt went on a full-throttle tear against President Trump on Tuesday for using his feud with the NFL to advance his “disgusting,” divisive political machinations.

Schmidt joined MSNBC Live and told Stephanie Ruhle that Trump committed the “greatest affront to the flag” by using it to attack athletes who kneel before the National Anthem. Schmidt said that even though he disagrees with Colin Kaepernick’s actions as a form of protest, it must still be recognized as part of his right to freedom of expression.

“To see him try to hijack this symbol, to wrap himself in it for the purposes — pre-meditatively, purposely of dividing the country is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my lifetime,” said Schmidt. “What Donald Trump is doing here is as terrible a thing, and maybe the most terrible thing, that has ever been done to this country by a President of the United States. Despicable doesn’t begin to describe it.”

Schmidt continued to talk with Ruhle and Harold Ford about how Trump has attacked kneeling athletes more than he’s attacked the white supremacists of Charlottesville. When asked how the GOP leadership continues to stand by Trump, Schmidt said they were “cowards” who won’t acknowledge the implications of Trump’s attacks on black athletes and protests against racial injustice.

“I saw a handsome young man on TV, an NFL player, he got a little bit jammed up when a reporter asked him a question, ‘Is he a racist?’ He didn’t want to say it. So let me say it. I want to help him out. He’s a racist. You look at that speech in Alabama to an all-white crowd, we need to get real about this. The President of the United States goes down there, talks about us, and those people. He came proverbially as close as you could possibly come to shouting at a rally the “N” word.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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