Devin Nunes Responds to Democrats on the Memo: They ‘Tell So Many Lies,’ Not ‘Honest Actors’


Congressman Devin Nunes appeared on Fox News tonight to discuss the memo he released today and the Democratic reactions to it.

Nunes told Bret Baier that he did not read the underlying FISA applications himself, but Trey Gowdy did.

He denied he coordinated with the White House or President Trump‘s lawyers or any outside groups on this memo, before responding to some of the charges being leveled from Democrats.

The memo claims that “relevant information” from the dossier was omitted, but the New York Times reports that the Democratic memo rebuts this:

But a Democratic memo written to rebut the Republican document says that the F.B.I. was more forthcoming with the surveillance court than the Republicans say. The F.B.I. told the court that the information it received from Mr. Steele was politically motivated, although the agency did not specifically identify the information as financed by Democrats, according to two people familiar with the Democratic memo.

It also reportedly says the Nunes memo distorts the comments from Andrew McCabe about using the dossier for the FISA warrant application.

Nunes stood by both claims in the Fox News interview.

When Baier asked him about the Democratic memo, Nunes said “it will” be released, after going through the same process as this one.

But he went on to say this:

“Let’s not forget. These are the same Democrats who never wanted to start an investigation… who blocked our subpoenas or tried to block our subpoenas back in August. They tried to block our ability to go and get the records from Fusion GPS that led to a lot of the discoveries in this investigation. So these are not honest actors, they know they’re not being honest actors, and I get tired of playing whack-a-mole every day with the Democrats on this committee who never wanted to start this investigation in the first place.”

Later on in the interview, after listening to comments made by Congressman Eric Swalwell earlier today, Nunes said his comments are false and “these guys tell so many lies, you can’t keep track of ’em.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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