Diamond and Silk: We Need to ‘Repeal and Replace’ Congress

Out of the dizzying array of characters that have been injected into the spotlight during the rise of President Donald Trump, none seem to foreshadow the impending apocalypse more than Diamond & Silk.

Somehow, the two die-hard Trump megafans have rhymed and punned their way onto the airwaves of Fox News. Starting as regular fixtures on Sean Hannity, they’re now here to invade your morning on Fox & Friends.

The duo appeared on the Friends couch Friday morning to send a stern message to Hill lawmakers, who are on recess next week following the failure to pass a health care bill: “Maybe its time to repeal and replace them when they come back,” Diamond or Silk said.

Host Abby Huntsman asked the pair of former Obama-voters how they thought Trump was doing, and the two provided a few insights:

“Oh, phenomenal,” Diamond or Silk said. “And amazing, he’s doing an amazing job. Just look at the stock market, look at the jobs that are coming back. He’s doing a phenomenal job through everything that’s going on.”

Huntsman then asked — with some help from co-host Steve Doocy — why Congress is not focused on everyday people.

“Because they’re working for their own greed and not the need of people,” Diamond or Silk said. “And somebody may be getting a kick back, paddy whack give a dog a bone.”

Trenchant …  We assume George Will was unavailable.

They went on to accuse lawmakers stemming efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare of being under the influence of lobbyists.

Doocy next turned to Fox & Friends’ favorite topic, the investigation into Trump’s campaign ties to Russia, asking the duo what they thought.

“Our president is about to be railroaded,” Diamond or Silk declared, noting the American people care about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs,” not “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

And, as a crushing reminder that this nightmare is likely to never end, Huntsman said Diamond and Silk are set to appear on Fox’s The Specialists tonight — though a Fox News spokesperson said that is not the case.

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