Don Lemon Apologizes For Incorrectly Claiming Fox News Didn’t Cover Hicks Resignation

CNN’s Don Lemon had to deal with the wrath of Fox News’ John Roberts after the CNN anchor said on his program Wednesday night that “Trump TV or state-run TV, they’re not even reporting” on White House communications director Hope Hicks’ resignation. That led Roberts to shoot off an ALL CAPS tweets noting that he had done multiple on-air Fox News segments reporting that news.

Having already sent out a tweet earlier in the day claiming he had “misspoke” while attempting to “make a broader point,” Lemon took some time out during a segment Thursday night to reiterate that point while stating that he was trying to explain that Fox downplayed negative stories about the White House.

“I said something last night that was an attempt to make a broader point about Fox News and how they downplay bad news about the administration,” Lemon said during a panel discussion.

He continued, addressing CNN political analyst Ryan Lizza, “I think you understood it. Most people understood it. It was saying that — I think it was a bad example about Hope Hicks, but there was a broader context if you watched the entire show about how Fox hadn’t covered — they hadn’t covered it at all, but how they broadly downplay big stories and important news for this White House.”

Lizza responded by telling the CNN host that he understood Lemon to be saying that while other news outlets were covering the story aggressively, Fox News was indeed downplaying it Wednesday evening.

“It wasn’t particularly this, but they had covered it, though,” Lemon said. “That was a bad example and so apologies for that.”

“Don Lemon is not our assignment editor,” a Fox News spokesperson told AP.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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