Don Lemon Rips Democrats’ ‘Apology Tour’: ‘No One is Perfect’


Don Lemon started off his show on Monday by calling out what he called the “official Democrats’ apology tour.”

After heaving a big sigh, Lemon told everyone to sit down.

“We’ve got to talk about what is starting to look like, maybe not even starting, maybe it’s been looking like that for a while but it’s definitely reached — reaching a peak now — the official Democrats apology tour.”

He continued on by talking about the current controversy surrounding Vice President Joe Biden before declaring, “Still an awful lot of Democrats have been apologizing an awful lot lately.”

Here is what Lemon said:

“The former Vice President Joe Biden is the latest to find himself in an unwelcome spotlight here after two women came forward to allege that he made them feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable. One says he kissed the back of her head in 2014. The other says Biden rubbed noses with her at a fundraiser in 2009. Neither woman described the behavior as any way sexual, as in any way sexual. That’s what they said. Biden says in all his years in public life, ‘Not once never did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so I will listen respectfully but it was never my intention.’ So don’t get me wrong. Nobody should be touching anybody inappropriately, okay, men, women, nobody, period. But we spent a lot of time in this country getting to the point where women feel like they can come forward and tell their stories, they have to be comfortable to come forward and tell their stories. And that is progress. That is very important for this country. And if you’ve done something wrong then you should apologize. That’s true for all of us. Still an awful lot of Democrats have been apologizing an awful lot lately.”

He then played clips of other Democratic presidential contenders offering their own mea culpas.

“Can we have a sense of humor about some things?” Lemon said after the clips aired. “Let’s give all of them credit, though, for owning what they said, or what they’ve done. Some things are worth apologizing for and admitting when they’re wrong. And let’s face it, voters don’t expect people to elect a perfect person.”

He continued on: “Like I said, if you’ve done something wrong, then you should apologize. The irony here is that when the Democrats do ultimately choose a standard bearer, she or he will face the one man that we all know never really apologizes, even when he’s caught on tape.”

Lemon next played a clip of Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” moment before noting Trump ultimately dismissed it as locker room talk.

Finally, Lemon concluded by saying this: “Some things are worth apologizing for. But some things are not. Let’s just be honest. Should you continue to look at things through a 2019 lens, from 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago? Otherwise, who would want to run for president. No one is perfect. If Democrats keep like this, good luck. Hashtag Trump 2020.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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