Don Lemon Shows Chris Cuomo Some Crazy CNN Face Shirts He Found For Some Reason


Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon spend a few minutes on air each night talking to each other as Cuomo’s show prepares to hand off to Lemon’s. On Thursday, that cross-promo took an oddly unsettling turn as Lemon showed off some shirt art that featured “likenesses” of CNN personalities.

Those are scare quotes around “likenesses” above, and that’s because be afraid.

“I was doing a Google search and I hit the shopping button by accident,” said Lemon to explain how this came to be. These screenshots of the shirt reveals can tell the rest tale.

Kate Bolduan:

Jake Tapper:

Anderson Cooper:

Don Lemon:

Chris Cuomo:

After Lemon showed the one he had made with his face on the back and Cuomo’s on the front, Cuomo said he hopes the side with Lemon’s face “covers my butt.”

Watch the odd clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

[Featured image via screengrab]

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