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Don Lemon: With ‘Luck,’ ‘Political Savvy’ Obama Can ‘Get His Mojo Back’

During his commentary segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, CNN host Don Lemon faced up to President Barack Obama’s plunging approval numbers, even among African Americans, but advised his listeners not to count Obama out yet.

“Polls show people still like him,” Lemon said. “In all of this, he’s still very likable.”

“I’ve seen Obama turn things around before, by luck and mostly by political savvy,” Lemon said. “I witnessed it personally when I lived in Chicago and he won an against-all-odds U.S. Senate campaign. We all witnessed it when he again, against all odds, became the first black president, ever. Against all odds, he did what not even the great Bill Clinton could do: without one Republican vote, he got national health care legislation passed, no matter how flawed you might think it is. And don’t forget he helped turn around the worst economy since the Great Depression.”

“The president has said that he’s run his last political campaign, but I don’t think he has yet,” Lemon said. “His enemies have labeled him ‘the campaigner in chief.’ That just might be his biggest asset. You want to know why? Because I think he has one more campaign in him. But if he wants to win, he’d better get the one place where people can vote for him fixed, and he better do it fast, and that’s the Obamacare website.”

Listen to the segment here, via Black America Web:

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