Limbaugh: Obama Panicking to Fix Obamacare Issues He Mocked GOP for Worrying About a Month Ago!

It was less than two months ago when President Obama mocked the Republican party for their overwhelmingly negative criticisms of Obamacare, and today he acknowledged significant problems with the law. In fact, Rush Limbaugh thought Obama’s so panicked, he’s trying to fix the law so the Democrats don’t get crushed in 2014.

Limbaugh reminded listeners the Republicans were branded as “racist, sexist bigots” and “hostage-takers” and “extremists” and “terrorists” just because they were fighting for some fixes to Obamacare; fixes that now, even Democrats admit need to be implemented.

And Limbaugh believed that Obama is seriously panicked, because the fix he proposed, extending cancelled health insurance policies for a year, is “in violation of the law” of Obamacare. Instead of doing something more substantive, Limbaugh said, Obama’s just “playing dictator” and “waved his magic wand in fantasyland” with nothing but hopes and prayers on his part that this won’t lead to a Democratic implosion in 2014.

In fact, Limbaugh surmised that the screwed-up rollout is so horrible, Democrats not only won’t win the House, they’ll lose the Senate and 2014 will be “2010 times 10.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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