Donald Jr Suggests Russia Investigation is Like ‘McCarthyism’ — Then Says Dems Are ‘Left of Commies’


Shortly after suggesting Democrat claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is akin to “McCarthyism” — a reference to irrational, unfounded accusations of communist-ties made by late Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s — Donald Trump Jr. said the Democrat Party are “left of commies.”

Donald Jr., who made the comments during an appearance on Fox News with host Jesse Watters, attacked Democrats and the media for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Kremlin election tampering — as he deems the investigation to be a witch hunt against President Donald Trump.

To make his point, the first-son invoked Cold War terminology Democrats are using to describe the Trump-Russia controversy, as he suggested the situation was ironic as Democrats are actually the ones like McCarthyists.

“You see the democratic senators saying, ‘This is McCarthyism.’ I’m like what. You have a guy screaming, ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ with no evidence,” Donald Jr. said. “All this shade for 18 months, screaming about McCarthyism — I mean the irony is ridiculous at this point.”

However, the real irony came later in the segment when Donald Jr. accused Democrats of being further to the left than communists — a completely unfounded, bizarre claim that qualifies as the historical definition of McCarthyism.

“The problem is rather than being reasonable and coming to the table, they forced themselves first and further left. They are to the left of commies right now, and I don’t think that’s where America is,” Donald Jr. said while discussing the party’s future election chances.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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