Trump: Occupy Wall Street Is ‘Sort Of Cool’ And ‘There’s Something I Like About It’

On Thursday’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Donald Trump revealed that representatives of Occupy Wall Street wanted to do an interview with him. Morgan, who won Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, asked the real estate mogul what he thought of the movement. “I sort of think it’s cool,” Trump exclaimed. “There’s something I like about it.”

Morgan mentioned his interview with Michael Moore and how the documentary filmmaker placed sole responsibility on Wall Street for the financial crisis.

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Trump disagreed with Moore’s assessment. “I sat next to Michael years ago — and I really liked him! I was with him, and he’s a whole different guy. But then I watched him on your show and asked, ‘Is that the same guy?'” Trump said. “A lot has to do with politics, a lot has to do with the president, a lot has to do with bad decisions that have been made. We’ll see what happens but it’s a mess. They’ve been there a long time, perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed to stay that long.”

Watch Morgan’s interview with Trump below via CNN:

(h/t CNN)

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