Dr. Oz’s Coronavirus Quarantine Advice: Have Sex and Throw Away Amazon Boxes


Dr. Oz appeared on Jesse Watters‘ Fox News Channel program Watters World Saturday evening to share his advice for how people should protect themselves while quarantining and social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, including encouraging people to have sex.

Watters played a video clip of an interview Oz gave to TMZ on the best way to spend the 14 days recommended for a coronavirus quarantine.

Oz’s first suggestions were mostly practical: “pick up a hobby, self improve, find something that you wish you had time to do like learn a language, a musical instrument, get better at some task at work.”

Then, something more fun: “The best solution if you’re holed with your significant other quarantined is have sex,” said Oz. “You live longer, get rid of the tension, certainly get some stories, and maybe you’ll make some babies. It’s a better than staring at each other and getting on each other’s nerves.”

When Watters and Oz discussed the topic further, Oz offered additional suggestions, including removing shoes and coats at the door immediately upon returning to home to be laundered, and throwing away all outside containers from food delivery or Amazon packages.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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