Jesus Campos Explains What Happened in Las Vegas Shooting to Ellen Degeneres


Note — This post has been updated to include the video excerpt released by The Ellen Show.

The Ellen Show has released a snippet from a widely anticipated interview she conducted with Jesus Campos, the security guard who first encountered Stephen Paddock, the assailant who killed 59 individuals and injured over 500 attendees at a concert in Las Vegas earlier this month.

In the interview, Campos explains that he had called in via radio that shots were fired, but didn’t immediately say he was hit. Instead, he pulled out his cellphone, he said, “just to clear that radio traffic” because he knew something serious was happening. He then goes on to explain further how he reacted to first coming across what turned into an awful scene.


Ellen DeGeneres announced earlier via Twitter that she is the first media outlet to interview Campos. She will also be interviewing Stephen Shuck a building engineer at Mandalay Bay hotel where Paddock shot at his victims.

Jesus Campos has been the center of a brewing conspiracy of late, with reports that he mysteriously disappeared after a visit to an urgent care facility. The Conspiracy sub-reddit has been remarkably focused on the Campos whereabouts, which raised questions particularly after the official timeline of the shooting changed.

Not clear yet how Ellen DeGeneres nabbed this remarkably newsworthy booking, which is sure to cause a massive shoulder shrug among both broadcast and cable news bookers and producers eager to get the first interview with Campos. Rest assured, this will be must-see TV.

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