Ex-Bernie Staffer Appears on Fox to Slam Vermont Senator’s ‘Fraudulent’ Push to Stay On Ballot: ‘Stop Playing Games’


A former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer said the independent Vermont senator should stop fundraising in primary elections after having endorsed Vice President Joe Biden.

Tezlyn Figaro, an aide for the Sanders 2016 campaign, spoke to Fox & Friends on Monday regarding news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed Biden for president. In a video flagged by Grabien, the conversation shifted when Figaro called out Sanders’ “fraudulent” insistence on appearing on New York’s primary election ballot, even though he already suspended his campaign to endorse Biden.

“Either Bernie Sanders is going to un-suspend his campaign and run this race or sit down. It’s just really that simple,” Figaro said. “Senator Sanders, stop playing games. At the end of the day, you’ve already sealed the deal. When you went in to make the deal to go ahead and pass your movement over, you made the deal then.”

When Sanders dropped out of the 2020 race, the senator said he was still interested in remaining on the ballot to keep his progressive movement alive within Biden’s more moderate platform. Figaro dismissed that reasoning, however, saying “you already know what Joe Biden is going to do. You already know what policies he will adopt and what he won’t adopt, otherwise you would not have endorsed” him.

“So to pretend as if ‘I’m going to endorse but one minute I still want to be on the ballot. I want to get delegates.’ Why continue to play with these people’s pain in this way? Continue to have people donate their last three dollars, have people hoping and praying for this behind-the-scene revolution. It’s wrong and fraudulent. Either you are going to get on the ballot today and un-suspend your campaign or stop the games… Stopping playing with these folks. Get on the ballot or sit down.”

Figaro went on with her point by emphasizing that it was wrong for Sanders to keep fundraising in this way while America continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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