Ex-CIA Director Brennan Walks Back Claim That Russia ‘May Have Things’ On Trump: ‘I Don’t Know’


Former CIA Director John Brennan is backpedaling remarks he made last month regarding President Trump‘s seemingly cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Brennan criticized the president for his congratulatory call to Putin after his reelection during an appearance on Morning Joe, claiming Trump has “something to fear” and believed Trump treats his Russian counterpart so gently. When asked specifically if he thought Russia “had something” on the president, Brennan responded by saying they “may have things” on him and that “perhaps” it was something personal.

Well now, he’s walking it back a bit.

Appearing on The 11th Hour, Brennan was asked by Brian Williams if he still believed what he said.

“What I was doing was responding to a question about whether the Russians might have something on Mr. Trump and I think I said ‘it’s possible, perhaps.’ I don’t know,” Brennan responded. “But I was questioning why Mr. Trump was being so submissive to Mr. Putin, why he was not confronting the Russians. I’m glad that he has taken, I think, a very appropriate and tough stand against the Russians in terms of support for Bashar al Assad. But I am concerned that where this investigation is going to go when I hear now that there are reports that Mr. [Michael] Cohen was in Prague despite his repeated denials. There is more and more indications that there is something here that is far, far from being anything near a witch hunt.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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