Fake Trump Vs. Fake Trump: Anthony Atamanuik Talks About His Feud With Alec Baldwin


Long before now President Donald Trump ran for office, comedians were impersonating him. Everyone has his or her own take on Trump. That’s why it was kind of surprising when Alec Baldwin called out Anthony Atmanuik, whose masterful impression earned him a television show, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as being “a guy who’s on the Internet.”

He told Kimmel, “It’s interesting that now that he’s not going to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, there are people who are lobbying to play Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.” He added, “There’s a lot of Trump competition,” and said there’s “one guy” who’s lobbying. It was pretty easy to figure out who that guy was.

Then, the two fake Trumps took their feud to Twitter:

Last night, Atmanuik appeared on Watch What Happens Live, and host Andy Cohen asked him about the feud.

“I worked with Alec on 30 Rock, I started as a lowly extra. He was a wonderful guy, he’s an incredibly talented actor,” Atmanuik said. “He did Trump on SNL and that was wonderful, and I was doing Trump, and there’s plenty of Trump to go around… He was on Kimmel, and was being a bit of a wise ass, so I was a wise ass back on Twitter, considering we knew each other in some fashion. He blocked me, and kinda got harsh and it was intense.”

He added, “I hope Alec knows that I respect him and love him and I don’t have any animosity.”

Cohen asked if he thought Baldwin was angry because Atmanuik was ripping his impression off. Atmanuik replied, “Oh, no. That’s impossible, because I was doing it before he did it.”

Watch above, via Bravo.

[featured image via screen grab/Comedy Central]

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