Fareed Zakaria Again Praises Trump After ‘Nuanced’ Islam Address: ‘The Kind of Speech Obama Could Have Given’


Fareed Zakaria again has glowing words for President Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

A little more than a month after praising Trump for making the call to launch tomahawk missiles into Syria, Zakaria applauded Trump’s address on Islam Sunday in Saudi Arabia.

“It’s going very well,” Zakaria said of the trip as a whole. “In terms of both the symbolism, and in one important respect, the substance — which was the speech that President Trump gave in Riyadh on Islam.”

Zakaria even went so far as to favorably compare Trump to his predecessor for remarks that Zakaria called “cautious” and “nuanced” — remarks in which Trump went back on a campaign pledge by not using the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

“It was, frankly, the kind of speech President Obama could have given,” Zakaria said. He added, “It had the kind of nuance and empathy that people look for.”

The platitudes bring to mind Zakaria’s post-Syrian strikes appearance on CNN when he said that Trump “became President of the United States” as a result of the military action.

Watch above, via CNN.

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