Fmr Facebook Investor Rips Zuckerberg’s Hands-Off Approach to Trump: He ‘Bends Over Backwards’ For the President


Former Facebook investor Roger McNamee slammed the social network’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, for allowing President Donald Trump to keep posting misinformation and incendiary comments.

Ever since Twitter started rolling out fact-checks on Trump’s false tweets last week, Zuckerberg has pushed back on the idea by saying Facebook should not act as an “arbiter of truth.” Later on, Zuckerberg condemned Trump for posting “divisive and inflammatory rhetoric” on his site amid the outrage over George Floyd’s death, but said he would leave it up since “we should enable as much expression as possible unless it will cause imminent risk of specific harms or dangers spelled out in clear policies.”

McNamee joined Brian Stelter on Sunday to discuss all of this on Reliable Sources, and the CNN host noted how Zuckerberg previously testified before Congress and said “if anyone, including a politician, is saying things that can cause violence or could risk imminent physical harm, we’ll take that content down.” When Stelter asked if Zuckerberg was “falling short” of his own standards, McNamee answered “Everything that Mark says on this particular topic is disingenuous.”

From there, McNamee dove into the legal position Zuckerberg must maintain while operating Facebook, and he explained how it compels Zuckerberg to align with Trump and enter into a “symbiosis” with the president.

If you look at it, Mark bends over backwards to do things that basically violate his own terms of service on behalf of both President Trump and the Republican Party. He does similar things in every other country in which he operates. And the issue is that Facebook — as important as it is, as valuable as it could be — it’s like the chemical companies in the 1950s when they used to pour mercury into fresh water and spew toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Facebook is basically promoting hate speech, disinformation, and conspiracy theories because those things are good for the business.

Watch above, via CNN.

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