Former Gen. Barry McCaffrey Predicts ‘Gulf War Will Begin Anew’ from Killing of Soleimani


Former Gen. Barry McCaffrey told MSNBC that he believed President Donald Trump’s strike that killed a top Iranian general will likely result in a second Gulf War.

“This was a major turning point,” McCaffrey told Andrea Mitchell Friday. “Let me start by just saying you’ve got to feel really good and proud of both the intelligence services and special operations people that took out [Qasem] Soleimani and several other senior leaders. Very dangerous people. This is an appropriate response.”

“Having said that: Mr. Trump tweeting out an American flag, taking personal responsibility for it, escalates the situation in a very dangerous manner. I don’t think they thought through it,” he continued, noting there is very little structural support in Iraq for American troops to rely on.

“The embassy is clearly vulnerable,” McCaffrey said. “The Iranians have a tactical advantage on the ground. So one brigade of the 82nd is not even remotely capable of defending our position in Iraq. Our advantage is strategic air and naval power. But that means attacking Iran directly. So I think the Iranians are going to respond in some way and if it’s a successful and striking attack on U.S. interests or senior military leaders, I would anticipate the Persian Gulf War will begin anew.”

“That is an alarming forecast for anyone who knows the depth of Iranian ability,” Mitchell responded.

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