Former GOP Rep. Slams ‘Horrible’ Trump Administration Climate Report on CNN: It’s By ‘Scientists That Get Paid’


CNN’s Briana Keilar and former Republican congressman Tom DeLay had a contentious interview on Monday as they talked about whether global warming exists.

As President Donald Trump continues to dismiss global warming, his own government released an extensive environmental report over the weekend that warns climate change will have serious economic and environmental consequences for America within the next century.

When Keilar asked DeLay about this in their interview, the ex-congressman said that “climate change is real,” but he also wrote-off the report as a “horrible…alarmist political document.” Keilar noted that the report corroborates overwhelmingly accepted views among the scientific community, and that led to a back-and-forth over government policy and whether climate change had an impact on natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey.

“[The report] is nothing more than a rehash of age-old 10 to 20 year assumptions made by scientists that get paid to further the politics of global warming,” DeLay argued.

As DeLay criticized the report for not presenting a dissenting opinion, Keilar reiterated that the combined findings of 13 federal agencies support the climate theories agreed upon by most scientists. Nonetheless, DeLay accused the government of confirmation bias while arguing that human impact on climate shifts is “not widely accepted” science.

“They went out and picked out people that would say what their conclusions are before they did the report. It’s flawed, it’s ridiculous, and frankly, embarrassing.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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