Former ICE Director Thomas Homan to Fox & Friends: Nancy Pelosi is ‘Disgusting’


Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning and discussed to hosts (and live studio audience!) the many sides of immigration policy, border wall and the current record government shutdown which has entered its 27th day.

The Fox & Friends co-hosts and the in-studio audience had established themselves as blaming the shutdown on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instead of President Donald Trump (who has publicly owned the current shutdown in a televised Oval Office meeting with Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer.)

Host Steve Doocy asked Homan what to make of Pelosi’s recent letter to President Trump suggesting a later date for his State of the Union speech until after the government shutdown, citing inadequate security detail due to furloughed federal employees.

Doocy asked, “What say to Nancy Pelosi?”

Homan replied simply “She’s disgusting.”

This elicited a big laugh and round of applause from the in-studio audience and nary a comment from the Fox & Friends host who appeared to have forgotten about their previous arguments against the coarsening of the political dialogue.

Homan then went on a predictable harangue that about how the Speaker of the House is “scared to death that a president is going to speak straight to the American people more than 8 minutes. And explain there is a crisis on the border.”

Homan seems to forget that President Trump has spoken “straight to the American people” numerous times in the past two weeks and is constantly sharing his messaging via a Twitter feed that drives news cycles. Despite Trump’s “flood the zone” communications strategy on the need for a border wall, a recent Quinnipiac poll reveals that most Americans blame Trump for the government shutdown and do not want a border wall.

Watch above via Fox News.

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