Former NSA Chief Warns About Cyberattacks Linked to Russia: ‘More Blatant Than I’ve Seen in My Career’


Former NSA chief Keith Alexander warned about recent cyberattacks linked to Russia, and said the U.S. must take action to secure those vulnerabilities.

Alexander joined ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday to talk about the impact of cyberattacks like the SolarWinds breach and the recent shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline Company. Asked what he thinks the hackers are after, Alexander hypothesized that “they’re stealing information” and gathering intelligence on the U.S. ahead of President Joe Biden’s upcoming talks with Vladimir Putin.

“This is more blatant than I’ve seen in my career,” Alexander said. While he acknowledged the intelligence that the Colonial Pipeline hack was perpetrated by a collective of cybercriminals, he maintained “I believe they’re associated somehow” with the Russians.

“They’re sending a message and they’re doing it blatantly,” Alexander continued, “and they’re going after our intelligence system and they’re saying ‘We can do this.’ We’ve got to fix it.”

Alexander went on by voicing support for the Biden administration’s push for a partnership between the government and the private sector to develop a system to detect and provide defense against future attacks.

“We need to work this together as a team. This is part of our future, and we’ve got the get good at it, and we’ve got to do it quickly,” he said. “My experience is the private sector is ready. They’re pushing forward. So this is where Congress and the administration, the government, and the private sector can really help fix this problem. We need to do it.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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