Fox Business’ Varney Calls Out Pence for Not Wearing Mask at Mayo Clinic: Doesn’t Help When Officials ‘Ignore Their Own Rules’


Fox Business host Stuart Varney called out Vice President Mike Pence for ignoring his “own rules” and showing up to the Mayo Clinic without a mask on Tuesday, despite the medical center’s policy requiring face coverings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Across the country businesses are re-opening, the restraints are coming off. As we’ve said all week long–cabin fever is meeting spring fever and we are getting out and about,” Varney said. “Can we enjoy the spring responsibly? We’d better. Because a spike in new cases would mean a second wave and perhaps a new and more crippling lockdown. Nobody wants that.”

Varney then concluded that the way to avoid a second lockdown would be to abide by the recommendations outlined by health experts and government officials, including washing hands regularly, wearing a mask, keeping six feet apart from one another, or simply staying at home.

“One last point–it does not help when public officials ignore their own rules, like Vice President Mike Pence at the Mayo Clinic yesterday,” Varney added. “He should have worn a mask, he didn’t. We should all obey the rules. Coming out this week, we can have our cake and we can eat it too.”

Pence received substantial attention and backlash for his decision to flout the Mayo Clinic’s mask policy, especially considering the medical center had informed him of their order prior to his visit. The vice president, however, claimed he did not need to wear a mask because he had already tested negative for the coronavirus, while White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the criticisms “ridiculous.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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