Fox & Friends Airs Brutal Bloomberg Ad Highlighting Trump’s ‘Erratic and Out of Control’ Attacks on the Military


Fox News’ Fox & Friends, often reported to be one of President Donald Trump’s favorite shows, aired an attack ad on the president from 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg Thursday, which highlights President Trump’s alleged verbal mistreatment of military leaders.

“2020 hopeful Michael Bloomberg, releasing a brand new ad attacking President Trump’s relationship with the military,” introduced Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, before the ad played.

“The Pentagon. President Trump arrives for a briefing by top military leaders. Trump explodes, attacks the war heroes in the room as ‘losers’ and ‘a bunch of dopes and babies.’ Many in the room had risked their lives for our country,” the ad declared. “Soldiers, heroes, attacked by an erratic and out of control president. Arrogance, ignorance, chaos. Enough. America needs a steady leader who will honor those who serve.”

Fox & Friends then invited Bloomberg 2020 campaign manager Kevin Sheekey on to the show to discuss President Trump’s relationship with the military.

“So let’s take a look at what he’s done so far, and it’s not even three years in office. He’s increased the VA funding to a level in which we have not seen before. The defense budget as well,” argued Kilmeade. “Increased military pay that just came through in the last budget. Donated his Q1 salary to the VA, that’s a token but important, especially for Mike Bloomberg does a lot of that stuff. Created the VA accountability. Relaxed rules of engagement.”

“And he’s got respect from people like retired military General Gary Harrell who was quoted as saying this: ‘Based on his success in dealing with some fairly hard characters, Kim Jong-un, China, some others, if anybody can do it, President Trump can,'” Kilmeade continued.

Sheekey shot back: “It’s not all about spending money. Mike Bloomberg, when he ran New York City, was trying to do more with less. So throwing money at a problem is not leadership.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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