Fox & Friends Guests Clash Over Hillary Clinton Comments: ‘She’s Not Telling the Truth’


Fox & Friends tapped the reliable Hillary Clinton-outrage well on Tuesday morning, inviting on GOP spox Kayleigh McEnany and Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov to debate the 2016 presidential candidate’s latest flub.

After making remarks about the Trump campaign during a tour of India that many deemed offensive, Hillary Clinton sought to explain her comments in a lengthy Facebook post, writing that she “meant no disrespect.”

Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt first turned to Tarlov to ask for her thoughts on Clinton’s non-apology.

“I thought it actually was an apology,” Tarlov said, “I think Hillary Clinton is genuinely sorry she offended anyone.”

Tarlov went on to argue that Clinton’s remarks — namely that white women take their voting cues from their husbands — are “rooted in fact,” and based on a number of studies.

“I just find this reaction — I guess not altogether shocking, but just getting a little old here. Everyone says they loved President Trump for his straight talking, she’s telling the truth about patterns of behavior for white women in this country.”

“She’s not telling the truth,” McEnany said.

“She is,” Tarlov shot back.

“I can tell you this I was not influenced by my husband or any men in my lives,” McEnany continued, before arguing that Clinton misquoted the study, in order to claim that women are “mind-numb robots who only vote the way the men in our lives vote.”

“Hillary Clinton has this very bad habit of attacking half the country, of attacking women who do not agree with her. She claims to be a feminist, when really she is a faux feminist. She attacked Ivanka Trump who has done so much for women in this country.”

“Really?” an incredulous Tarlov replied.

“Absolutely!” McEnany said. “Have you heard about the World Bank Women Empowerment Fund?”

“I guess people are just tired of all the apologies,” Earhardt concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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