Fox & Friends Guests Remind Ainsley Earhardt That Republicans Have Also Boycotted the SOTU


Fox & Friends held an interview with two Democratic officials on Tuesday, and they were reminded that politically-motivated State of the Union boycotts are hardly unheard of.

There’s been a lot of outrage-coverage on the Fox News morning show lately about the multiple Congressional Democrats who said they will protest President Trump by not attending his upcoming national address.

Fox News’s Ainsley Earhardt brought this up during her chat with David Morey today, and even though the Democratic strategist advised against a boycott, he cited a number of past instances where prominent figures didn’t turn up for a president’s speech.

“Some Democrats don’t want to normalize the behavior of President Trump,” Morey said. “Remember, Justice Scalia, who you just mentioned in your segment, didn’t come to like 11 State of the Unions because he found them childish exercises. Senator Ted Cruz boycotted one of the State of the Unions that President Obama delivered.”

Former Loretta Lynch speechwriter Jake Maccoby was also part of the discussion, and he cited his own list of moments where Republicans called for SOTU boycotts.

“I think it’s not unusual for individual members of Congress to boycott a State of the Union,” Maccoby said. “Republicans did it in 1999, Mark Levin, who you just featured on this show in the last hour, called for a boycott by Republicans in 2014.”

Maccoby also noted that the upcoming demonstration against Trump is happening in the wake of his “racist comments” and “sh*thole countries” controversy.

“This is pretty extraordinary circumstance,” Maccoby said. “It’s not unreasonable for some people to decide that they don’t want to be a part of it.”

“I think I speak for all Americans, don’t we just want the fighting to end though?” Ainsley pleaded. “I mean you can’t even watch the Golden Globes without this dark cloud. It’s so negative.”

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