Fox & Friends Hosts Spar Over Scuttled Attacks: ‘Where is America’s Response to Iran’s Belligerence?’


Things got a tad heated on the set of Fox & Friends Friday morning as hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt appeared to be at odds over reports that President Donald Trump scuttled retaliatory air strikes in response to Iran’s downing of an American drone.

Fox & Friends is reportedly the president’s favorite television program, likely because it consistently offers a very pro-Trump position for the right-of-center opinion show. Kilmeade, however, has proven in the past to be the occasional outlier in what critics have derided as “state-run tv.”

Previously in Friday’s program, Kilmeade stated his belief that the decision not to attack in response is sending the wrong message in the Middle East, and will only beget more attacks. After he made the same argument, Earnhardt pushed back — though in a way consistent with her Southern charming way — defending the Trump administration’s foreign policy on Iran.

Kilmeade asked, “The big question is what would that be?” to which Earhardt replied, “There will be a response.”  Steve Doocy added, “Of course there is going to a response.”

This appeared to not satisfy Kilmeade, who chided, “There hasn’t been one yet.”

Earhardt retorted with, “Sanctions?”

Kilmeade: “No the sanctions have been in place before. This is Iran’s response to the sanctions. Where is America’s response to Iran’s belligerence?”

Earhardt: “Just because he called it off last night doesn’t mean he’s not going to do something…”

Kilmeade: “It’s been seven weeks!”

Fox & Friends often brags that it is by far the most-watched cable news morning show, and unlike many other cable news programs, it relies far less on contrived confrontations to drive viewership than many other shows across the dial. So real confrontation, based on policy, represents a legitimate breath of fresh air for viewers of a show that consistently offers the same point of view, day in day out.

Watch above via Fox News.

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