Brian Kilmeade Belittles Trump’s Calling Off Iran Air Strikes: ‘No Action Looks Like Weakness’


Fox & Friends opened Friday morning’s show with news reports and panel discussions that focused on President Donald Trump’s reported decision to call off air strikes on Iran in retaliation to a downed American drone from earlier in the week. Co-host Brian Kilmeade appeared to contradict to the White House in condemning the broader lack of action and suggesting that Trump’s unwillingness to engage will only lead to more attacks.

The New York Times reported Thursday evening that the President had approved the retaliatory attacks on Iran but that President Trump called them off at roughly 7:30 PM and instead chose to send a diplomatic message to Iranian leaders through Oman, encouraging talks over conflict.

Kilmeade appeared to take issue with the lack of action, saying, “North Korea is watching. All our enemies are watching. Of course, Assad is watching. And for seven weeks, nothing but provocations.”

He then added, “There is a price to pay for inaction and that says a lot we have put suffocating sanctions on them. Every day that passes by they get weaker. Every day that passes by when they blow up four tankers and we do nothing and they blow up a drone that costs $130 million and we do nothing. We know it’s not going to end there at some points in the Middle East no action looks like weakness. And weakness begets more attacks.”

Kilmeade wasn’t specifically calling Trump out by name, perhaps because he knows that there is a very good chance that the commander in chief was tuned in to what is widely accepted to be his favorite cable news program. Kilmeade’s calling out of “no action” after Trump had called off the strikes, however, can only be seen as something of a condemnation of the current foreign policy with Iran.

Watch above via Fox News.

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