Fox & Friends Knocks Jeff Flake for Tweeting ‘Decency Wins’ After McCain Memorial Service


On Fox & Friends Weekend this morning, the co-hosts discussed the political element of John McCain‘s memorial service yesterday.

Rachel Campos-Duffy said it’s understandable how Meghan McCain felt “given some of the harsh words that were said about her father during the campaign,” but then brought up this tweet from Senator Jeff Flake.

After the service yesterday, Flake tweeted “Decency Wins” with a photo showing all three former presidents––Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama––who attended.

Pete Hegseth swiped at the caption before saying this about the memorial service:

“There was a lot of fitting things to be said about Senator McCain. I have a lot of reverence for him, I appreciate a grieving daughter, a grieving family. All of that is legitimate. So you look at it with that sympathy when you watch it. At the same time, no one changes their political view based on, I think, speeches in eulogies. If you’re shamed into saying ‘how dare you support someone like Donald Trump or his views’ because John McCain was the standard-bearer of goodness––John McCain was a good man who did a lot of great things for this country. We can also be in a different chapter where different tools and different leaders can take the mantle and carry forward what America represents.”

Ed Henry went back to Flake’s tweet and said, “It seems odd that Jeff Flake feels like a funeral is a place for winners and losers.”

He also took issue with Flake, Obama, and others saying “the funeral yesterday was all about unity” when “they didn’t invite President Trump, they didn’t invite Sarah Palin, and they decided to take some shots.”

Henry also criticized Obama for “talking about himself” during his eulogy.

Campos-Duffy commended McCain’s service and pro-life record, saying, “I’m sure a lot of the elites that were gleeful at some of the shots taken at President Trump don’t want to remember that record of John McCain.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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