Fox & Friends Mocks Dems For Tapping Celebrities in Midterms: Do Americans Care About ‘Punchy’ De Niro?

Fox & Friends railed against “angry” celebrities on Wednesday morning, in light of a new report that the party is tapping Hollywood to help out with midterm election messaging.

The Fox News morning show naturally brought that back to Robert De Niro, who received a standing ovation at the Tony Awards after declaring “Fuck Trump!”

“Talk about hypocrisy,” host Ainsley Earhardt said. “What if conservatives did this? What if conservatives had said that about President Obama. It’s just distasteful. It’s angry, it’s mean, it’s mean-spirited. You can disagree, but you don’t have to say things like that. It’s too far.” (Remember Ted Nugent? Me neither.)

Brian Kilmeade then read President Donald Trump’s tweet responding to De Niro, and the hosts rejoiced in the president’s missive claiming the actor was “punch-drunk.”

“What is the wisdom of tapping into that?” Kilmeade asked, pointing out that Hillary Clinton and Al Gore tapped celebrities to endorse their campaigns (though he conveniently left out Obama) but lost their elections. “It doesn’t convert to votes.”

“You hear people in the middle of the country, they say we don’t care about these celebrities,” Earhardt said. “They can’t relate to us. Let them all come out because then it backfires on them.”

Steve Doocy concluded the segment by gleefully adopting Trump’s new nickname for De Niro, “Punchy.”

Meanwhile, Fox & Friends covered Kid Rock‘s  endorsement of a Senate candidate a half a dozen times on Wednesday morning, by my count, so it’s always hard to take the anti-celebrity screed too seriously.

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